Acharya Shree Nanesh Samta Mahavidyalaya

  • A College engaged in uplifting the society it serve.
  • A College Which offers affordable education of international stranded to all class of student.
  • A College that continuously improves the Quality of it’s academic activities and support program .
  • A College that implement the best of academic  practices  to satisfy every member  associated with it.
  • The College  aims to achieve and endorse excellence in every area of it’s teaching  maintaining and developing  it’s position  as a world class College  to enrich  rural international  and regional communication  thought the skills  of it’s graduates and post-graduate  . in Support of this ASNSM will always:
  • Create and sustain an academic environment  conductive to academic  and professional excellence:
  • Continue to improve  the quality of the undergraduate  and postgraduate  programs  that prepares  our students  for professional life  and leadership in changing life:
  •  Attract students of the higher  caliber from ruler areas and small towns:
  • The create avenues for technical education  and research in new  and  emerging technology:
  • Remain as a leader in the creation  synthesis and separate  of knowledge  benefits  to the  current and for comming  generations:
  • Optimize  the usage of resources  and  infrastructure  in an  integrated  fashion  to improvise  and enhance  the strength  student  and facilities:
  • Built mutually beneficial relation ship with  communities ,government and private organizations Promoting a wise Stewardship of the environment.
  • Improve  the efficiency  and effectiveness of the management  and administrative services that support  the mission of College.